Committed to Texas

Welcome all CTB™ customers to the restoration effort of more bison on more land, set forth by the American Bison Society at their conference in Tulsa during 2011, but in Texas! Each time you buy CTB™ bison, you support a bison herd and its sustained existence somewhere in Texas. The difference between bison restoration and other types of restoration of species in need of public support: is that in exchange for your support, you get a product that promotes your health, the health of the environment, the health of your family and tastes great! This is the commerce-based reality that restoring American bison to Texas contains. CTB ™ is proud to bring this fact to you, the consumer!

Texas has been a bison state, long before it was oil and cattle as a state. Texas has been known to house bison, year round, before it was settled. Look it up and you’ll see. Texas and American Bison are, and have been, partners in time!

Now, in the 21st Century, bison… are… back! In Texas! Many land owners are raising the ecological keystone species of bison in agricultural, conservation and wildlife habitat restoration ranch-models and need the support of you the consumer, in exchange for the all-natural, tasteful, lean, clean and native product of bison.

Keep it CTB™, keep it Texas! Be proud about doing your part, as consumers, by bringing them back to the landscape of this great state in a way that is quintessentially Texan,… Big!